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Sharing menu at Yips

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

We went to Yips in Pedersgata on a weekday and as it is quite popular, we booked in advance and chose the sharing menu in the booking process. When we arrived, the restaurant was bustling so I’m glad we made a booking. It took about 30 minutes before we started getting the food, but we were surprised as it seemed like all the food was basically served at the same time. When we had the sharing menu a few years back, we got dishes one by one. Getting everything at the same time works as well, but the table was quite small, so we had to use the window ledge for some of the items.

But let’s focus on the food! We got baos and Yips does this so well! We got the duck bao served by Yips Sola at Gladmat and we got the confit salmon dish that was also served at Gladmat. Both incredible small dishes packed with flavors! But we also got sticky hot wings, edamame beans, dumplings, char siu (a juicy pork neck) and rice and sauce. As we got the food so fast, we also got a bit of information overload of presentation of the food and hence my descriptions are a bit scarce.

We were done after 1 ½ hours and not 2-3 hours as specified when we booked the table. So, all in all, a great Asian fusion dinner that we enjoyed this to the max. When we return, we hope to get the food at a slower pace to be able to enjoy the flavors even more – and to be able to fit everything on our table 😉

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