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Exploring the delightful flavors of ramen at Kansui

Amidst the distressing news of restaurant closures and struggles within the industry, it's refreshing to witness the emergence of new dining establishments. Recently, a ramen spot named Kansui made its debut on Langgata in Stavanger, situated next to Matros bar and close to Pedersgata. Founded by Taran, formerly seen at Bellies, along with the team behind Restaurant SÖL and Alex Bouché from Midsummer, Kansui brings a new culinary experience to the scene.

During a midweek lunch visit, the place was bustling with activity. The establishment boasts an informal concept, featuring 2-3 distinct ramen soups on the menu, complemented by the option of beer. Drawing from my experiences in ramen joints in Tokyo (although not claiming expertise), it's evident that the focus is on serving ramen quickly, allowing patrons to savor the dish and move on. Kansui adheres to this philosophy, presenting a minimalistic ambiance with small stools along the window and a table.

The name "Kansui" appears to derive from lye water used in the ramen-making process to achieve the desired noodle texture. The commitment to authenticity is further emphasized by the acquisition of a special Japanese-made noodle maker, enabling them to craft everything from scratch. Opting for the Shoyu ramen, I was pleasantly surprised by the swift service. The dish arrived promptly, featuring a bowl filled with noodles, flavorful broth, slices of pork belly, a soft-boiled egg, and assorted toppings.

A highlight of the experience was the outstanding broth, a rich and intense blend based on chicken stock and soy sauce, delivering a burst of umami flavor. As I relished the soup, accompanied by the backdrop of Boney M's "Sunny," I couldn't help but reflect on the transformative journey of the Stavanger food scene over the years. The diversity and quality of offerings from establishments like Kansui contribute significantly to the city's evolving gastronomic landscape. Whether you're a ramen enthusiast or simply seeking a heartwarming lunch, Kansui is undoubtedly worth exploring!

Pros: - food comes fast - amazing broth - large portion

Cons: - small place, not many seats - hard seats - no take-out (yet)

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