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Sharing menu at Noodle Noodle

We stopped by Noodle Noodle during Gladmat last year and it was a great experience. Last week we stopped by again to try their regular menu. That is, when you book a table, you have to make a choice. You can choose the tasting menu, sharing menu or a la carte and we decided to try the sharing menu. When we arrived, we got some chips and a dip that looked a bit boring to be honest. But the dip was awesome as it tasted like the dip version of a tom yam goong soup (classic Thai soup). Noodle Noodle focuses on south-east Asia (owners Shirley and Gary are from Hong Kong) and I think you can categorize the restaurant as an Asian fusion place.

All food was served in one go at first it didn’t seem like there was that much food. It turned out that I had no reason to worry, there was more than enough food. We started with Chicken Karaage, a dish that comes from Japan. It is marinated chicken that is fried to get a lovely crispy crust and we got a good tofu dip on the side. We also got pig wings that were so tender that you could pick off the meat with chopsticks. The meat could be combined with some vegetables, kimchi and gravy on thin pancakes – a bit like when you are eating Peking duck. But we also got some dim sum, salmon in a yuzu miso sauce and beef tataki – thinly sliced sirloin that is just seared and served with sauce and some incredibly delicious thin slices of garlic. Thanks for a great meal Noodle Noodle – we look forward to stopping by again soon!

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