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Outdoor lunch at Fisketorget

I went to Fisketorget a few months back (as you can see in this review) and this time we visited for lunch in the middle of summer. There was a heatwave in Stavanger and with 30 degrees Celsius, it was perfect to sit outside of the restaurant with a great view of the harbor. Unfortunately, you can’t book a table outside so you have to be lucky to get a table on days with great weather.

Our waiter explained the menu and due to the corona virus, the menu is a bit limited. But we decided to go for seafood that we associate with travels to Asia: I ordered the chili crab (which is a favorite in Singapore) and Nikki ordered the king prawns in chili. When you order these dishes, you order by the weight and it is always a bit tricky to estimate how much you need but as it was lunch, I decided to just order 300 grams. In this dish they use the Norwegian King crab and it was quite expensive with a price tag of 169 kroner per 100 gram.

The food got served after about 30 minutes and the chili crab portion was good enough for me as a lunch dish but I think they could have been a bit more generous with the Asian style coleslaw that was served on the side. The chili sauce had a bit of a kick and with the great weather, it was almost like sitting in a hawker store in Singapore. The king crab was already sliced in pieces, so it was a bit easier to eat than a whole crab. But it seemed like the chili sauce had only been glazed on in the end and it might have been better if it was more infused in the chili sauce. But all in all it was delicious to taste chili crab again. Nikki was also happy with her prawns and she got a salad on the side that was better in my opinion than the coleslaw that I got.

Conclusion: if the weather cooperates and it is warm, there is no place like Fisketorget for an outdoor dining experience. The view is great, and you can get various seafood and enjoy a cold beer or some wine. I hope that it will be possible in the future to book a table in advance.


Location: Strandkaien 37 – see this Google map

Price: my portion of chili crab 500 kroner (52 USD)

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