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Seafood risotto at Bevaremegvel

For some reason we normally don’t think of Bevaremegvel as an option when we go out to eat in Stavanger and I’m not sure why. It is located in the street behind the Skagen quay and seem to have a small menu inspired by local food. We went there on a Saturday evening in August 2018 and it is quite a home cozy place with local art of the wall, book shelfs etc. The interior is old school but I guess this fits in with the old buildings that the restaurant is located in. I was surprised to see that there were quite a lot of older guest – and it seemed to be regular guests as well. One gentleman said to the waiter that he didn’t need to see the menu – he just wanted to have the usual “excellent poached salmon” as I put it.

We wanted a quick meal as we were heading to the movies and I decided to go for the seafood risotto while Nikki ordered the Moules-frites (an item that does not seem to be on the online menu). We got the food after about 20 minutes and I would have been worried if it had been served sooner – after all it takes a bit of time to boil the risotto. My seafood risotto was served with a big piece of cod on top which was a surprise – I thought the catch of the day would be blended into the risotto. In short: the risotto was excellent with lots of mussels, asparagus and crayfish tails. The risotto was cooked right and had a nice lemon sour taste to it. The cod on top was also delicious and it seemed quite fresh (hence catch of the day I guess) as the white meat came apart in flakes by the touch of my fork.

Nikki’s Moules-frites is not a typical Norwegian dish (I think it is popular in Belgium and France). We do like steamed mussels in Norway so that part of the dish is not uncommon - but it is not that common with French fries on the side. I feel that this is a dish that is difficult to mess up – but on the other hand you need to have good mussels. Luckily, we do have good mussels in the area and Nikki enjoyed the dish.

Conclusion: Bevaremegvel served us good food and the service was also flawless. Now I just have to try to keep it in mind in the future so that I can try out the poached salmon and some of the other options that are on the menu.


Location: Skagen 12see this Google map

Price for food on this visit: 569 kroner (about 69 USD)

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