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*ouch* burger tasting

Hekkan burger and The Hungries graciously extended an invitation to us for a sneak peek at Hekkan’s fresh venture, *ouch* burger! As a self-proclaimed Hekkan burger enthusiast, their offerings have never failed to impress me: their coal-grilled burgers are a testament to flavor excellence. The secret lies in the premium meat sourced from Prima Jæren, freshly ground and bound with just a pinch of salt.

Enter Ouch burger: a reimagined take on the smash burger. Staying true to their roots, they employ the same high-grade meat, seasoned on-the-spot as it sizzles away. The Stavanger foodie community had the privilege to savor and scrutinize, and I’m thrilled to report that Ouch burger stands out – it’s a different beast, yet just as delectable! Sure, the signature smokiness of Hekkan’s classic is absent, but Ouch compensates with a meat-centric flavor profile, toppings notwithstanding. It was a relief to find the patties weren’t flattened to oblivion, preserving that coveted juicy interior.

The tasting session was a promising glimpse into what Stavanger residents can eagerly anticipate! The inaugural opportunity to experience Ouch burgers will be at Gladmat via a food truck, with the official eatery set to open its doors in August at a yet-to-be-disclosed spot. Ole Dysjaland hints it’ll be a stone’s throw from the heart of downtown Stavanger, offering a fast-food ambiance with tech-savvy ordering kiosks.

The countdown to Ouch’s grand opening begins, and our excitement is palpable!

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