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Not as good as expected SOT Bar & Burger

Updated: Feb 21

We decided to book a table and try out SOT Bar & Burger in Amfi Vågen in Sandnes on a Friday night to have a burger with some friends. When we got there, the restaurant was more or less empty, and staff seemed to be in the kitchen. So, after standing around for a bit we just found a table and sat down. The menu is simple and self-explanatory – 6 burgers and you can choose to have the burger made with beef, chicken, plant or beetroot. I decided to have to have Jørns beef burger with porcini mayo, Jørnsberg cheese (hence the name), sherry caramelized onion and bacon – and I asked for extra cheese and bacon. The name of the place is SOT Bar & burger but note that the focus is on beer. When we asked for some red wine and sparkling water, the options were very limited.

We got the burgers after about 20 minutes and the burger was served with a handy wrapping. When we took a bite into the burger, we soon concluded that this was a smashburger - which is also specified on their website. The short conclusion from me was that this was not quite as expected. It was hard to get the real taste of the patty, I would have enjoyed more taste of the porcini mayo, but the main problem was that it was a bit on the dry side and served lukewarm. We also shared some regular fries - they weren’t too bad, but they should have been served at the same time as the burger. It’s great that Sandnes’ food scene is expanding! Based on this one-time experience and considering the number of great burger spots out there, I think there is room for improvement at SOT Bar & Burger.

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