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The Shack opens in Sola

I have written about The Shack before and I have been to their burger shops in Mariero, downtown and Madla. Now The Shack has also come to my neighborhood... Sola! Yesterday, The Shack opened in Sola (near Sola Vinmonopol / Meny Sola). It is a relatively small restaurant, so it looked like most people preferred take-away.

We sat down to eat a Mr. Cheese and a Mr. Parmesan. I chose a Mr. Parmesan to try something new - this is a vegetarian burger made with the Beyond Meat burger. Mr. Parmesan came with chili mayo, pickled red onion (and parmesan which I must admit I did not taste that much of). The actual burger in Beyond Meat works well as a replacement to meat but I should maybe have chosen Mr. Classic instead to get more vegetables like tomato and lettuce on - I'll try it next time. It's great that The Shack has finally come to Sola and I hope that people will take advantage of this. Is there really any good reason to go to McDonald's Sola when you can rather walk a few minutes to The Shack? ;-)

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