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Juicy, tasty burger at Hekkan

I love a good burger and it is always a treat to stop by Hekkan burger. They have done something right as you can now find them in various places across Stavanger – and even in Bergen! The concept is easy in theory: get some local, fresh meat and press it into burgers, fry the patty over charcoal, and top it with quality local ingredients! I like Hekkan burgers because they do have a distinct grill taste that must come from the charcoal – and because they are juicy and rich. I don’t eat burgers every day so when I do eat them, I want it to be a bit “over the top”.

And over the top sums up my last visit to Hekkan in Pedersgata. I had “Ole sin favoritt” which is a double patty, double up with cheese, pickles, bacon and Hekkan secret sauce. I’m surprised that the burger buns were able to keep all of this in place, because this was a luscious burger indeed! And the kinki fries that I ordered on the side was also extravagant as the fries were topped with chili mayo, cheese and bacon. I must be honest – this is a big portion, and it is best if you can share it with a good friend. Thanks for a flamboyant burger meal Hekkan Burger!


-juicy and tasty burgers

-you get gloves to avoid burger fingers

-you can also order beer/wine


-some would like to have cutlery

-cramped space at some tables

-not the most comfortable seating

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