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Good burger at Burger&Beers

The first time I went to Burger&Beers I was a bit disappointed – they had a very limited selection of beer! It turned out that this was because they had just opened and now they have an extensive beer selection to choose from. They also have a few hamburgers on the menu and I chose the "Øve dammen"(referring to over in the US).This was served quite fast with, among other things, cheddar cheese, bacon, mustard sauce, etc. And the burger was very good with delicious barbecue flavor, defined melted cheese, good bacon etc. I would have enjoyed the burger to be fried to medium as it seemed to be well done but that is a minor detail. I also ordered some fries and chipotle mayonnaise on the side and this was also very good. They have seating inside and outside and they are located right in the bar street of the Skagen harbor so expect a lively atmosphere if you go there on a Friday/Saturday night! Thanks for the food Burger&Beers!

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