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Good selection of beers and burgers

We went to burger&beers on a Friday night and we got a table on the ground floor. This restaurant is located in a traditional 17th century wooden harbor house and a lot of the interior seems to be original and that makes it quite charming (like Matkontoret that we visited earlier). Just note that the wooden beams at burger&beers can be quite low so be careful to avoid knocking your head. But enough about HSE ;-)

The menu is basically just burgers and various sides and there is also an extensive beer menu – but I guess you would expect that when the place is called “burger&beers”. I decided to have Holy Smoke while Nikki had the spicy Fy f%¤” så sterk! (translated into something like "Holy s*** that's spicy). It only took a few minutes to get the burgers and that was perfect as we were hungry. The burger was served on a small tray together with a portion of french fries and some dip. The burger was big, and the portion of fries was just right if you ask me. The burger was medium done and it is great that the meat comes from the local butcher Idsøe. I did hit a couple of spots in the burger that were very salty, but I guess that was just a problem with the meat blend. But I did enjoy that it was stacked with lettuce, tomato, bacon etc.

All in all a good burger and it is great to see that they have beer recommendations for each of the burgers (both with and without alcohol). I’m a bit surprised that there were not more people in the restaurant this evening. The location of the harbor is great, they have charming interior and there are seats outside that are covered and with heating. I’m sure we will go back to burger&beers again in the future.


Location: Skagenkaien 9 - see this Google map

Price for the food on this visit: (two burgers, 1 fries and 1 onion rings) 445 Norwegian kroner (47 USD)

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