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Enjoing a Dirty burger at Hekkan Burger in Sandnes

When I initially visited Hekkan Burger in Sandnes several years ago (around the opening in 2017), it was essentially a cozy nook with a few standing tables, seemingly geared more towards take-out. As they expanded to Stavanger, the setup improved, providing more space for patrons to sit and savor their burgers and drinks. In 2022, they introduced a neighboring bar in Sandnes called Diggbar, and following its closure in 2023, it appears they integrated the two establishments.

During our recent visit to Hekkan Sandnes, we noticed a transformation resembling the Stavanger branch, featuring a bar area and a mix of highchairs and regular seating options. This expansion allows for a more relaxed dining experience, offering additional seating choices while enjoying a burger and the option of accompanying beverages.

Our weekday early evening visit was notably quiet. The menu aligns with the offerings in Stavanger, ensuring access to the same fantastic burgers and sides. I opted for the Dirty burger, complete with double cheese, bacon, chili mayo, and fried onion, and it was as rich and delicious as ever! For those in search of a delightful burger experience in Sandnes, Hekkan Burger is an excellent choice to kickstart your culinary journey!

Pros: - good burgers 😉 - there are gloves to avoid burger smell on the fingers - a place to sit to enjoy the burger

Cons: - not the most charming area of Sandnes - small tables, not ideal if you have lots of food and drinks

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