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Good burgers at The Shack Madla

We have been to The Shack a few times and in general, they deliver quite a good burger. We went to their new branch on a Sunday night and in this burger place, they have about 20 seats. They have burgers, ribs and milkshakes on the menu and you can choose to do take out or eat in. We decided to order and eat in this time. They have a good web site that allows you to order and modify burgers – we just ordered over the counter and decided to have a Mr. Explosion and a Mr. Hangover with bacon and cheddar fries and onion rings on the side. When you order a burger, you can choose single, double or Beyond Meat if you want to go vegan.

It took about 15 minutes before the food was served and it was served in quite large cardboard boxes. But when we opened it, the burger seemed quite small inside the box. This was just an advantage – for once there was space to get your fingers in there to pick up the burger. My Mr. Explosion came with bacon, Parmesan cheese, pickled onion and chili-mayo and it was quite a handful as you can see on the photos. I enjoyed my burger but it would have been good if we had been asked if we wanted the burger medium or well done – my burger was well done and due to this it was a bit on the dry side towards the end. The fries turned out to be a large portion and there was obviously enough cheddar on it and the fries appeared fresh out of the boiler. All in all a satisfying burger experience and I would not mind going there again!



Location: Madlakrossen 14 – see this Google map

Price: Single burger is about 120 kroner (13 USD) , a double about 160 kroner (17 USD)

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