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The best burger in Stavanger

It is hard work, but someone must do it! ;-) The "hard work" this time was to decide which place that has the best burger in Stavanger. I brought along a friend on a Saturday afternoon and we did a “mini burger marathon” in downtown Stavanger and we started at Hekkan Burger in Pedersgata. This place is very informal with almost an industry look to some of the elements. But they do have a good burger menu and also serve beer/wine. We were there for lunch and decided to have the BBQ burger. As we were stopping by many places, we had to skip the side orders. The burger was served fast and there was more vegetables on it compared to other times I have been there (or maybe I just remember wrong) and there was both lettuce and pickles on it together with a well defined slice of cheese and lovely bacon. The burger was juicy with a good grill taste and the BBQ sauce was both spicy and sweet. The bun was not that exciting and could have been toasted a bit more. But all in all – a very good burger!

We moved on to DøgnvillBurger and we managed to get a table! My impression that it is usually quite crowded here so do book a table before you go there. We got a table on the upper floor and the place is more refined than Hekkan. The menu is extensive and includes burgers, side orders, menu for the kids, shakes etc. You can also make your burger vegetarian by switching the patty with Beyond Meat. We decided to have the Cheddar & Bacon burger as this was the closest we could get to the burger at Hekkan. There were not that many people when we came but it took about 25 minutes for the burger to be served. As you can see from the photos, the burger was tall with chunky vegetables and a pickle on the side. I would have enjoyed a more defined piece of cheese on the burger and I would have preferred pickled onion instead of the raw onion. The patty was also quite firm and due to this it also appears a bit chewier compared to the Hekkan burger.

Next stop was The Shack a few hundred meters away. The place has rustic interior with wooden benches and tables and funny sayings on the walls. We were met by a friendly waiter and got a table – ordering the food is done in a cellphone app and we decided to have Mr. Spicy BBQ. The Shack can also server the burgers with Beyond Meat patty. The burger was served fast and it was a bit smaller than the burger at Døgnvill bit it was beautifully presented with bacon, lettuce, pickles, and sauce oozing out from the top. We ordered a 200 g burger and I thought that it would give us a thicker patty, but we got two patties instead – but they were fried according to our specification. All in all: a juicy burger, beautifully presented and a great taste! Kudos to The Shack for making it possible to adjust the toppings to your preference in the app in an easy way!

So which place has the best burger in Stavanger? In this highly subjective test we concluded that we prefer Hekkan and The Shack over Døgnvill. First of all because the burger appeared more juicy but also because there was more of a grill taste. Which burger joint in Stavanger is your favorite? Other places that were on the list of places to visit was Burger & Beers and Groovy Diner. But there is only so much burger that one can eat in an afternoon, right?

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