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Italian Stallion at Smashin'

Updated: Mar 7

Note that Smashin' closed down in 2023 and has been replaced by another burger place!

It has been a while since I have been to Smashin’ but it is always great to come back for a good burger. I guess Smashin’ is still the only place in Stavanger where you get a smashed burger and I guess business is going well as they sold out several days last week.

There are some new burgers on the menu now (like Italian Stallion, Mr Poirot and Greasy Nico) while some have been removed – like Cheesy Overkill that I tried last year (remember the burger that was drowned in cheese sauce?). I decided to have Italian Stallion and soon I had the burger in front of me. This burger is smashed with some parmesan before it teams up with mozzarella, chorizo, pesto, and rocket on the burger buns. I have to admit that I was staring so I really enjoyed this – but it was not easy to eat in style as it was quite wet! I was dripping everywhere, and I would have enjoyed some gloves like you get at Hekkan.

It is good to see that Smashin’ is getting popular and owner Andreas Berg is keeping busy as he is also in charge of “Spise ute Ugå” in Stavanger. Thanks for a good burger Smashin’ – look forward to stopping by again!

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