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Seafood with a view at Fisketorget

I had lunch at Fisketorget in Stavanger recently. Fisketorget is a seafood restaurant (and a small seafood market as well) and it is in the very center of the harbor in Stavanger known as Vågen. In the summertime they have tables outside so that you can enjoy the sea breeze on a nice summer day. I came there for lunch at about noon and there was hardly anyone there. The interior is modern, and the waiter soon came over with the menu on a big blackboard. They have a few items on the menu that is repeated on a daily basis such as shrimp sandwich (we love our shrimp), steamed mussels, fish soup etc but also a few things that are based on what they have access to that day. On this day the catch of the day was pollock (sei) and the “straight from the sea” was a seafood linguine. It was also interesting to see that they have a traditional Norwegian dish on the menu and that day it was something called plukkfisk – a dish were you boil fish, potatoes, leek etc and make a thick white sauce and mash it together.

I ordered the steamed mussels with green curry and coconut milk and my companion decided to have the shrimp sandwich. We got a small bread basket with three kinds of fresh bread to nibble on and some aioli as well but it did not take long before the food was served and that was great as you normally have limited time in a lunch break. The mussels were made and served fast as they were still very hot, and I really appreciate that! Even if it took me some time to get through the mussels, the fish “soup” at the bottom was still warm and it had a nice kick of the green curry, so this was almost like a tribute to some Thai soups. My companion was happy with the shrimp sandwich as well. It was served on a fresh piece of bread and it was topped with cucumber, salad and pickled onion and there was of course a wedge of lemon with it.

Well done Fisketorget! I was impressed by this and would love to try you out at night to check out the evening menu. It is great to see there is a restaurant that focus on seafood in Stavanger as this town is linked to fishing and the ocean. It is also great to see that you have a traditional meal on the menu and I hope that tourists that stops by Stavanger are adventurous enough to try it!


Location: Strandkaien 37 – see this Google map

Price: Mussels 170 kroner (18 USD), shrimp sandwich 190 kroner (20 USD)

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