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New sushi restaurant: Sabrura sticks & sushi

The Sabrura sticks & sushi franchise store opened on May 27th in Stavanger (in Herbarium) and we were there on the opening day! Due to the corona virus situation, there is limited seating in the restaurant, and they do not have a full menu (their main concept is usually a buffet and that is not a great idea these days). Sabrura is located by the main entrance of the Herbarium mall so I would not say that it is very cozy, and I think it also close early as the mall itself close at 8 PM if I’m not mistaken.

At the tables there were menus, but you must order your food at the counter which seemed a bit strange as there were quite a lot of staff on duty. We ordered a “Liten kosekombo” and a “Medium combo”. Maybe it was because it was starting problems on opening day or maybe because it seemed to be very popular for takeaway, but it took about 50 minutes before the food was brought to our table. The Liten kosekombo is quite a lot of food as it contained three chicken sticks, three fish sticks, two small spring rolls, an Asian style salad and nigiri and maki. The chicken was served lukewarm which is always a letdown, but the fish sticks were hot. The spring rolls were a bit bland, but the Asian style salad was a bit like a Thai som tam salad which was a bit of a surprise. I’m not a sushi expert but the salmon nigiri was good and the Lindesnes maki was actually a California roll and I also enjoyed that.

All in all, this was not bad at all. Sushi in Stavanger restaurant has been quite pricy, and it is good to see that there is a “budget option” available now. The “Liten kosemombo” was 199 kroner (21 USD) to give you an idea of the price level. I don’t think this will be our new favorite restaurant but I would not mind going there again.

Facts: Homepage: Location: Herbarium in Lars Hertervigs gate 6 – see this Google map Price: Liten kosekombo 199 kroner (21 USD)

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