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Sabi Enso : a new sushi restaurant

It is always great when new restaurants opens and this time we can congratulate Sabi Enso and Roger Asakil Joya with a new restaurant in Stavanger. Roger also runs Sabi Sushi and the Michelin star restaurant Sabi Omakase.

Sabi Enso has a bar at the entrance, a section downstairs where you can order food à la carte and upstairs you will find an omakase bar where a sushi chef (maybe Roger himself) will cook for 15 people but this does not seem to be in operation yet.

We were there on a Friday night and we were taken downstairs and got a food and drink menu. The menu was extensive, and the focus is on sushi. The font was not very readable, but luckily, they do have set menus and we decided to have a 5 course meal. First course was salmon and halibut sashimi with ponzu sauce. Both fish were delicious with the sauce as an accompaniment. We went on to nigiri which was beautifully presented and here it was salmon, halibut, tuna, scampi and what the waitress only referred to as "white fish". Each of the nigiri had a small topping that added flavor to the piece and especially the tuna was lovely.

As it was the first time here, we also wanted to test out the barbecue alternatives they have and we ordered a seafood grill to share. It was stylishly served with a robata grill on the table and there were skewers of salmon, scallops and the mentioned "white fish". There was a piece of coal in the grill but only enough to get seafood lukewarm but maybe that is the concept. Furthermore, we got tartar of crab, scallops and shrimp with a little salmon roe and a touch of something that made it a little spicy. We rounded off the sushi part of the meal with a salmon tartare on some crispy rice and this was also tasty. The dessert was a fluffy ice cream based on purple sweet potato and this was good with fresh berries and fruit.

Thank you for the meal Roger - we enjoyed the food and drinks and look forward to visiting again when the ENSO by Roger omakase section is up and running!


Location: Haakon VIIs gate 7 - see this Google map

Price: 595 kroner for the 5 course menu (70 USD)

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