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An Nam - finally a Vietnamese restaurant in Stavanger

I don't think there has been a proper Vietnamese restaurant in Stavanger before, but this is about to change as An Nam is about to open in Pedersgata! We were there for a chef’s takeover event this weekend and that was a treat. An Nam has moved into Yips' old premises in Pedersgata and the venue is colorful and playful – with some new, bright neon lights here and there.

Our starter was really three small dishes: spring roll, beef salad and crispy scampi. All three were good but I would say the best was the scampi with parmesan sauce. We then got scallops in a slightly unusual way – it came in kataifi which are thin crispy noodles made from a kind of filo dough. It was topped with a little lemon puree and came with a citrusy sauce, and it was a delicious bomb of flavors. We moved on to turbot (a flounder fish) on a mash of yellow beets along with a green chili sauce. Last main dish was lamb carré, sauteed mushrooms and a sauce based on peas. We rounded off with a coconut/matcha pudding with sesame gelato! All in all, a good meal in good company! As this was a chef's take over, we'll have to wait a little more before we get a taste of the regular menu, but I hope that it will have even more classic Vietnamese dishes and flavors! Congratulations on opening a new restaurant for An Nam.

Photo credit and copyright to Andreas Narum for scooter neon light photo!

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