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Tasting menu at Cin Cin

We have been to Cin Cin before (both for lunch and dinner) but we were looking forward to have another dinner there. Cin Cin is run by an Italian and a French chef, and with some inspiration from Asia, the tasting menu becomes quite exciting. After we got a glass of wine, we got a little snack to get started. A mini "pizza", some of the lovely Felino salami (which is made just outside Parma) and some panisse – a kind of dough that is made from chickpea flour and then fried. Then we started with the tasting menu where we got a bowl of curry soup that clearly reminds me of soups in Thailand.

We also got some thinly sliced fish and with a bit of good Riesling, this was a delicious start to the meal. We continued with seafood and had a pan-fried scallop served with some Chablis before we got some cod. We moved on to pasta and ragu – that is, pasta tubes (paccheri maybe) with a meat sauce a bit like in Bologna – i.e. not a lot of tomatoes. We rounded off with lamb rack with a rich sauce and “A tribute to Grace” wine from California. And as a small dessert, we got a ice cream on a stick made by local gelateria Siddis. Thank you for another good dinner and great service Cin Cin! It was a wonderful evening, and we will be back soon.

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