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Casa Salsitas - a real taqueria

Updated: Jun 25

Note that Casa Salsitas closed down in 2023!

Recently Patricia opened Casa Salsitas in Pedersgata, an authentic Mexican taqueria! It is brave to open a taco place on a taco Friday (it is a thing in Norway), but at Casa Salsitas you can get tacos as it is made and eaten in Mexico. This means handmade corn tortillas, meat or vegetarian fillings and good salsa on top. The place is quite small and there is only room for a few people at the time so it is mostly based on takeaway in boxes of 3 or 5 tacos.

Patricia also runs Salsitas, which makes salsa based on tomatillos grown on Finnøy, so this is really a fusion of Norwegian and Mexican food and culture. Thank you so much for allowing us to visit before opening to see the place and to taste your delicious tacos.

Facts: Homepage: Location: Pedersgata 23 - see this Google map

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