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Mixed fajitas at Harry Pepper

I went to Harry Pepper on a weekday and we managed to get a table. The restaurant is quite big and have seating on several floors. The interior is playful and colorful and can be quite lively – due to the covid-19 situation the atmosphere is a bit more low-key.

Menu has not changed that much since the last time I was there, and we decided to have a taco to start with and I decided to have mixed fajitas as my main. You can also order various sides – I decided to order guacamole, sour cream, habanero sauce and cheese. I think these used to be sides that came with the food in the past but to reduce food waste, you know order this separately.

It did not take long before the tacos were served. The confit chicken taco was served warm and was good with a distinct taste of the chicken. The chili crab was served cold and I got a bit disappointed by this – maybe because I was expecting something like a warm Singapore style chili crab taco.

The fajitas were served 15 minutes later and included chicken, scampi, steak, and some onion. I started with the chicken and that was quite dry and very salty. Everything on the sizzling plate was very salty – I hope that this was just a freak accident. The wheat tortillas were quite plain and without the sides this would have been quite a sad fajita. The scampi was quite good, but I would have liked to see my meat fried a bit more as it was quite rare.

I have been to Harry Pepper quite a few times over the years and the concept seems to be the same. But I think there is room for improvement, and this is of course just my personal opinion. But I think the guacamole could have been better, I would have enjoyed a good salsa, more flavorful tortillas etc. If I had not ordered sides to this dish, it would have been a very dry fajita. I hope that the salty food was just a freak accident and that it will be better on my next visit.

Facts: Homepage: Location: Skagenkaien 33 - see this Google Map Price: mixed fajitas with sides (guacamole, sour cream and cheese) 320 kroner (36 USD)

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