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Eg & Du–new restaurant on Eiganesveien

Matmagasinet moved out from Eiganesveien 1 this year but the place did not stay empty long. Just a few weeks back a new place opened here: Eg & Du. We checked it out for lunch on a Saturday. The place is a restaurant/café and the wooden interior is cozy. The menu included quite a few seafood options – and it seems like they are into klippfisk (stock fish) as they had several dishes based on that on the menu. We decided to have the bolinos which is Portuguese/Brazilian cod balls that are deep fried. We also went for the political incorrect grilled whale meat. We said that we would share it and when they served it they had actually divided the portions on two plates: brilliant.

The bolinos were fresh made and had a creamy consistency. They were excellent but I would have like to have even more of a klippfisk taste. The grilled whale meat was awesome. It was grilled to perfection and was really tender! It was served with some pickled vegetables that were excellent and the mash of parsley root was tasty. All in all I was very impressed by this first try and I would love to go back to check it out again. Next time I will go for the siddisburger – a burger made with klippfisk !! I hope that many people will find their way to this new place!

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