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Scrumptious Bravo food - and wines from Franz Keller

We have enjoyed restaurant Bravo since their opening, and we stopped by again recently as wine producer Franz Keller came to visit. 4th generation wine maker Friedrich Keller was actually there to talk about their wines!

We started with a Pinot Rosé – a sparkling wine made from Pinot Noir by traditional method (or Champagne method), and it was dry with good acidity. I started with a ‘Nduja cream toast and it was not easy to eat this with grace. ‘Nduja is a spicy soft salami from Calabria in Italy and here it was made a bit milder by whipping it up with cream cheese from Stavanger Ysteri and topped with a generous amount of Parmigiano Reggiano. If you like a bit of spicy and smoky flavors, be sure to try this! Nikki started with the toast with lemon mayo and anchovies, and this is also a dish that we have enjoyed on previous visits.

We moved on to a Kähner Grauburgunder (which translate into a Pinot Gris) and this was a lovely wine as it was rich, heaps of minerality and good length. It went very well with the next lovely dish – skrei (arctic cod) marinated raw with apples from local Eiane gard (they also make lovely ciders that you should try) horseradish mayo, quinoa and topped with marinated celeriac. We then got to try Oberbergener Bassgeige Spätburgunder (a Pinot Noir) and this was also a good, delicate wine with lots of minerality. This was great as a pairing to the steak tartare that we got next! The tartare came with a bit of lemon mayo and topped with a generous amount of parmesan – just delicious!

We got a piece of firm ling in browned butter with flavors of wild garlic – real comfort food! For this we got to taste Oberbergener Bassgeige Chardonnay and Oberbergener Pulverbuck Weissburgunder (a Pinot Blanc). Of these, I would say that I preferred the Weissburgunder but maybe this is just because we also had this at a great dinner at Hermetikken restaurant recently - you can read the review from Hermetikken here.

We ended the meal with a chuck steak that was cooked on low temperature all night and hence it was unbelievably tender – served with browned butter, a celeriac purée and hazelnuts. This was paired with Enselberg Spätburgunder GG.

First of all, thanks to Friedrich from Franz Keller for the introduction to the wines from the Baden area – there are some wines here that we will buy to enjoy with food at home. And thanks again to Bravo for making mouthwatering comfort food and for inspiration for cooking at home! I love the laidback atmosphere and delicious food at this place!


- Delectable dishes spotlighting quality ingredients

- Relaxed ambiance

- Thoughtful wine pairings

Cons: - Nothing worth mentioning

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