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Hermetikken has moved from wine bar to amazing restaurant!

We went to Hermetikken Restaurant a year back and we were very impressed. We returned in March 2024 for an afternoon feast and came to this small, beautiful place on an equally beautiful sunny spring day! The entire places oozes of quality with small marble tables and comfortable chairs. We got a short history of the place by Knut-Espen Misje before indulging in a glass of crips, cold Revolution champagne by Domaine Doyard .

We were about to embark on the Oma(k)ase menu with 12 servings and we started with some snacks – a beer batter ring with cream cheese, roe and citrus and a small brioche with concentrated tomatoes, cucumber and anchovies. It looks spectacular and was a feast for the pallet as well. The homemade bread worked very well with the butter made with milk from Herikstad Gaard (also known as Jerseymeieriet) – and was perfect to scoop up the lovely yellow curry soup with mussels while we enjoyed a Riesling Kabinett from Max Kilburg . This wine was also paired with the next stunning dish – langoustine in a yuzu flavored sauce that was just heavenly. Next was a tribute to a dish that I had a lot when I was a kid – smoked haddock in a béchamel sauce. In Hermetikken this was taken to the next level with a leek soup with haddock, topped with crispy potatoes and winter truffle from Provance. It is skrei (Arctic cod) season and we got a piece of this delicious fish that had been in a butter bath, and it was deliciously tender! Both these dishes were served with a Served with a Weissburgunder from Franz Keller Schwarzeradler Oberbergen.

We moved over to more intense flavors as we got a duck sausage in a rich duck consommé served with a 1971 D’Oliveiras Terrantez Madeira – what a combination! Madeira is an acquired taste, but this was a wonderful pairing! The tour de force was not over yet as we got a glass of Pinot Noir from Bodega Chacra (from Patagonia in Argentina) together with a small bowl of ragu with crispy duck skin – before we got duck breast, poached quince, and a celeriac puree! Time for dessert and an Auslese from Joh. Jos. Prüm Weingut together with the red oranges granité, white chocolate mousse with tarragon was a very exciting flavor twist! In the end – a citrus soufflé served warm together with a tokaji from Disznoko Tokadji and Millionaire’s Shortbread!

Last year, Hermetikken was a wine bar with great bar snacks but now we can easily say that this has become a fantastic restaurant – and a beautiful wine bar. If they continue this focus, I’m sure that they will be mentioned in the Michelin guide! Compliments to chef Stuart Barber and his team for food that was a spectacular feast for the eyes and palate. And thanks to Knut Espen for laidback and informative presentation of food and wines!

If you want a fine dining experience in a beautiful yet laid back atmosphere, head to Hermetikken as soon as possible and enjoy!


- a delightful fine dining experience

- food made with passion

- great wine pairing


- Quality costs! A menu is 1945 kroner

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