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Espier Bar - lovely cocktails with a theme

Updated: Mar 5

It has been a while since we have stopped by Espier Bar in Clarion Stavanger. This is one of the few bars (and probably the only cocktail bar) with a view in Stavanger! And what a view it is! You can sit by the window and look at Vågen (the harbor area) and the downtown area of Stavanger and it is stunning. The menu is fun as they have created a theme based on spies and secret operations. Here you will find cocktails with names like Overlord, Engima, Vemork etc. with nice illustrations by Clarie Couperiz and with both short summaries that describes the drink and a full list of ingredients. The ingredients seem to be based on local products and at least one French ingredient. On the table you will also find binoculars to slip into the Johnny English character while sipping your drink. I was surprised that there was a table available on a Friday night! I can highly recommend going here to enjoy a drink and the view of the city before heading out to eat dinner.

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