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Norvald vinbar - new wine bar in downtown Stavanger

Updated: Jun 26

I love a bit of wine and it is nice to see that wine bars are now becoming a thing in Stavanger. We already have places like Vinkontoret, Resepsjonen Vinbar and Lapin and the latest addition is the Norvald vinbar located right next to Victoria Hotel. In short, Norvald Vinbar is stylish! The windows are huge and when you enter, it is just one room but with high ceiling. The wine cabinet behind the bar is used to stock the wine to the ceiling – so high that they must use a ladder to get to some of the bottle. I asked one of the owners (Knut-Espen Misje) why the place is called Norvald, but it doesn’t seem like there is any meaning to it apart from being a cool name . Some wine bars have focus areas, but according to Knut-Espen, their focus will be on good wine – regardless of where the wine comes from, whether it is natural wine, etc. That sounds like a good strategy if you ask me.

We stopped by on a Friday night, and it was packed! We ordered some snack that was delicious – it was a charcuterie platter with different cheeses, ham and salami. And the selection of wine is of course excellent, and I think the wine list will be changing constantly so talk to Knut-Espen and Silje and they will find something that you can enjoy. Best of luck to the owners on opening Norvald Vinbar! It is a beautiful wine bar and I hope that many people will use the opportunity to stop by to taste good wines!

To book a table at Norvald vinbar, get in touch with them on their instagram account or e-mail

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