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Tempo - the new wine bar in Sandnes

Updated: Feb 22

It is great to see that there are lots of activity in Sandnes. New restaurants and bars are opening all the time and we got to visit the new Tempo Vinbar recently. Tempo Vinbar is named after the motorcycle Tempo that was produced in this very location (starting in 1932) and there is actually one of the old bikes in the wine bar. The wine bar is in the new Øglændkvartalet and you can also find places like Mano Pizza and Fly Chicken here.

The wine bar looks a bit like Norvald wine bar in Stavanger. There are sofas, chairs and tables spread around and lots of wine on the shelfs. There are some wines by the glass, but the selection is a lot better by the bottle. There is also a Chambre Separeé and I assume that this can be used for e.g. wine tasting events. You can also get some snack (olives, cold cuts, nuts etc) but we just had some wine before going to dinner. There is not that much more to say about Tempo really – good luck to Pål and the rest of his team. I hope that the people of Sandnes (and Stavanger) use the opportunity to stop by Tempo to taste some wine!

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