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Negroni at Lou-Lou

Updated: Mar 5

Have you been to Lou-Lou? Lou-Lou is the beautiful cocktail bar at Matbaren Bistro by Renaa and should for the record not be confused with the nightclub Lou Lou Stavanger. You access Lou-Lou from the inside of Breitorget and the interior is in dark red, velvet, beautiful tiles, chandeliers, all the elements needed to make a beautiful cocktail bar in other words.

I was there early as I was going to a dinner at Matbaren but had time to get a cocktail made by bartender Mariann before sitting down. I have fond memories of this place as it used to house Sirkus Renaa when they first opened, and we went there quite frequently. Later it housed RE-NAA (the fine dining restaurant now in Eilert Smith hotel). Although Matbaren is a French bistro, I decided to go for an Italian aperitivo – a Negroni! This was served with elegance with a twist of orange peel. I went for the classical version and not the modern take of a Negroni Sbagliato .

If you want a cocktail before heading out to eat, Lou-Lou is absolutely worth checking out!

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