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Exploring the Authentic Flavors of Pakistan at Zouq Restaurant

We went to Zouq in Pedersgata on a weekday in January 2024 and luckily, they had a table for us even if we didn’t have a reservation. Their focus is Pakistani food, but you will recognize many of the dishes as it is similar to Indian food (tikka, tandoori, curry etc). The menu is extensive so there is something for everyone here! Service was a bit slow on this night and it took a bit of time before we got to order – but at least it gives you time to appreciate the craftmanship of making naan as you can see straight into the kitchen through glass walls.

I had Achaar which is pickled/fermented vegetables in a curry sauce, and it came served with rice and a small salad. I like the fact that in most dishes you can choose between lamb, chicken, paneer etc and it is also possible to choose how spicy you want it. I went for spicy, and this was pushing the limits a bit for me – even if I’m quite used to spicy food. I had my Achaar with paneer this evening and that worked great in the spicy, tangy sauce. Nikki had the chicken tikka and was happy with this and we also enjoyed a fresh garlic naan! I would have liked to see preheated serving platters to avoid cooling down the food.

All in all, a nice place to head to if you want a hearty meal! It worked great for us on this cold January evening!


- Extensive menu

- Value for money - good setup for takeout

Cons: - Draft from entrance doors - cold serving platters

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