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Exploring the rich flavors of Mogul India's tasting menu

We stopped by Mogul India on a Friday night and luckily, we had booked a table in advance as the restaurant was full the time we spent there. The restaurant has gone through a makeover, and it looks more modern with dark interior, dark wooden floor and carved wooden blocks on some of the walls. The wooden blocks are the traditional way of pressing patterns on clothing in India.

We decided to have the tasting menu and I’m thrilled to see that they offer this as this is not very common on Indian restaurant in this area. The wine list is limited and I get this as it can be tricky to pair wine with spicy food. We decided to have Fio Cabi Sehr Nett Riesling and I would recommend Mogul India to have more wines like this on the menu and I would recommend people to try a Feinherb or Kabinett together with spicy Thai or Indian food.

If you want to learn more about wine pairing to spicy food, check out the podcast : Vin til sushi, thai og indisk mat (in Norwegian).

We started our culinary adventure this evening with Dahi Bhalla. This is a lentil dumpling served in yogurt and it was an explosion of flavors. It is a cold dish and the lentil dumpling was firm and added texture to the dish while the yogurt was sweet, tangy and spicy at the same time. A lovely dish to start the meal!

We continued with variations on aubergine. First Baingan Katli, a slice of fried aubergine, stuffed with spiced potato and topped with pickled aubergine chutney and in a small glass, roasted aubergine mash with peas and topped with goat cheese mousse. This was presented in a beautiful way and with layers of flavors. I would eat a lot more aubergine at home if I could get it to taste like this!

We moved on to crab! It was a fried softshell crab served on Jhal Muri. Jhal Muri is a puffed rice salad and there are pieces of vegetables mixed in there. The crab might look a bit intimidating, but you can actually eat the whole thing. I assume it was deep fried and that makes everything better of course. The combination of the crab and the puffed rice was delicious!

Next up was duck in chettinad sauce. The duck breast was grilled to perfection and there was a great grill taste on the crust! And the chattinad sauce was rich, spicy and warming! But even if they worked great separately, I think the spicy sauce steals too much of the show and the lovely duck breast becomes quite anonymous. But don’t get me wrong. It was still a mouthwatering dish!

I thought we were getting towards the end of the meal but we actually got more! Next up was Murgh Dahiwala and Palak Ka Kofta. The Murgh Dahiwala was amazingly tender chicken in a spiced yogurt broth that was delectable. The Palak Ka Kofta was spinach and potato dumpling in a creamy tomato sauce. The dumpling was good but the tomato sauce did not quite work for me. It was also served with rice and naan so and this point we were getting really full!

But there is always room for dessert right? Dessert was toasted brioche with clotted cream, burnt butter ice cream made by Siddis Gelato and topped with honeycomb and maple syrup. It sounds delicious and it was delicious!

All in all, a great tasting menu at Mogul India. I love that they have the tasting menu so that we get the possibility to taste more of the Indian cuisine as it can be tempting to just order what you always eat at an Indian restaurant. Thanks for having us – we will return!

Pros: - Great to have a tasting menu option - Quite a lot of food for the money - The softshell crab was delicious

Cons: - cumbersome online booking - limited wine selection

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