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KöD Stavanger - new steakhouse!

Updated: Mar 6

KöD Stavanger is a new steakhouse in downtown Stavanger and I went there with a friend for dinner in the early evening on a Wednesday. The place sprawls out on two floors and has a neat glass floor where you get a view to the wine cellar, and it has big windows facing the city square (Torget). The menu is mainly focused on meat (of course) and a couple of seafood options. The mains are only served with a tiny bit of carrot puree, and the rest must be ordered as side dishes. I like this idea as you can get what you want and as much as you want – but at the same time it can also makes it more expensive. The wine list is not bad but prices for a bottle is 3-4 times the prices at Vinmonopolet, but this is quite common for restaurant unfortunately.

We got some white bread and an aioli of some sort to start with and my seafood ravioli with a langoustine creamy sauce was quite tasty. I enjoyed the sauce, and it was a colorful and pretty dish. When we got the meat there was some confusion about who ordered what – but I think issues like this will be sorted out when staff gets some more experience. The short summary is that my Argentinian ribeye was very good! Grilled to medium as requested, it was tender and had a great taste. The bearnaise was also good but a bit too thick in my opinion and not very warm. The pommes Royal (fries with truffle & sea salt) was served piping hot and was good.

All in all, we had a good meal at KöD Stavanger and I would love to go back to try more! I would of course like to see a wine menu where prices are more reasonable and a selection of local meat. Thanks for satisfying the carnivore in me KöD Stavanger.

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