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Seafood and vintage wine at Nick & Jonnies

I went to Nick & Jonnies just a few weeks back and last weekend we were there again for Gladfisk 2022. The restaurant was packed and thus it took 45 minutes before we got the first dish! At least we got to order some wine to start with and we got a lovely Josmeyer Riesling Grand Cru from Alsace from 1991! Nick & Jonnies has a very good wine list and we got to come along to take a look at the wine cellar.

But back to the food: the first dish was oysters topped with apple, cucumber and salmon roe (if I’m not mistaken). I'm not too fond of oysters but along with fresh apples and cucumber flavors, this was a nice snack. The next dish came quickly afterwards: halibut ceviche Thai style. This dish was lovely, and I would love to see this on the regular menu. The ceviche was made with a Nam Jim sauce that brought back memories of delicious seafood dishes in Thailand. We got a mussel Tagine that was served as one bowl to sharing. The mussels were in a tomato-based sauce inspired by the North Africa cuisine, and it included chickpeas, yogurt, and herbs. From here we had to wait about an hour before we got the last dish which was a lovely cod with a celeriac mash and a delicious, tasty lobster sauce. Thanks for a good meal Nick & Jonnies – we got some lovely dishes and we really enjoyed the vintage wine. In good company and with good wine, this was a great evening, but the service should have been a bit faster.

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