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Lunch at Sirkus Renaa in Østervåg

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

I must admit that I am a bit of a Renaa fanboy – I do love their croissants, pizza, cheesecakes etc. The latest edition to the Renaa empire is Sirkus Renaa in Østervåg. I stopped by for a lunch on a sunny Friday and it is possible to sit inside – or outside in the pedestrian street of Østervåg. They have a lot of the same products as Sirkus Renaa Sølvberget but here they are aim at a more mature audience, so it is less bustling compared to Sølvberget. The menu is a bit different with some warm sandwiches, soups, steamed mussels and with options for beer/wine and cocktails.

My guest enjoyed a shrimp sandwich with salad and served on a brioche bread while I had the Croque Monsieur. I love my bread and cheese, so this was delicious as this warm sandwich was served with comté, gruyere and cheese sauce and with the great Stavanger ham from local butcher A. Idsøe . All in all, a lovely French style café with good sandwiches and good coffee – definitely a good place to stop by for a lunch!

Pros: Good pastries and cakes Option to sit outside in good weather Less bustling than Sølvberget

Cons: Can be tricky to get a seat during peak hour

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