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Lunch at Spiseriet

Updated: Jun 26

Spiseriet is the restaurant located in Stavanger Concert house and offers lunch, dinner, and Sunday buffet. I visited Spiseriet on a sunny day for lunch and we sat outside in stunning autumn weather. The menu is the same for both lunch and dinner and they can set up everything from a 7-course dinner to just ordering small dishes. We ordered some small dishes from the categories Garden, Sea and Land and I started with butter fried mushrooms from Toppsopp on a brioche and it was delicious. It is great to see that local products are used as Toppsopp grows mushrooms just a few minutes out of the city center! I continued with some roe (løyrom) that came in a small box along with onions, sour cream and small blinis infused with bone marrow. It was good to combine the slightly salty roe with onion and sour cream and place this on the blini as a small snack. My lunch partner had the halibut, and he was happy with it - and the dish looked lovely with the butter sauce with roe.

After a short break we got two more dishes. I had the grilled squid that came with vegetables from Brimse Gård. I was not completely satisfied with this one as it was not as tender as I had hoped for. My buddy got beef cheeks with a fluffy potato cream, and he was very happy with this choice because the meat was very, very tender. Thanks for the food, Spiseriet. We must stop by one night soon to do a “full package” because there was lots of good food on the menu!

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