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Lunch at elegant Salon du Nord

Salon du Nord is the bar at the historic Hotel Victoria in Stavanger. The hotel was refurbished a couple of years ago and the Salon du Nord was also refurbished with it and has become a lovely and stylish bar! The place focuses primarily on cocktails and drinks, but they can also offer food and afternoon tea with champagne. We went there on a Saturday for lunch and were very lucky with the weather. Due to this we could sit outside and enjoy the autumn weather. We decided on a filet mignon brioche burger and a Chèvre salad. It was wonderful to sit outside in the great weather and enjoy some cold champagne, but it was a little strange that it took 40 minutes to get the food served. We were basically the first guest that arrived for the lunch.

My Chèvre salad contained a large piece of lightly grilled Chèvre that was placed on top of lettuce along with beets, walnuts, pears, and a kind of bread and topped with some honey. It was a very good salad with delicious flavors and contrasts, and it also looked great. Nikki's burger came with aioli in a small bowl, fries and the "burger" was deconstructed. But Nikki put the burger together and enjoyed the meat that was cooked to medium as specified. There was also a good combination of sweet onion and onion that was crispy fried. We rounded off with some macaroons and an ice-cold coffee cocktail. Thank you for the food and drink Salon du Nord! The bar is stylish and elegant, and I would love to come back to try afternoon tea!

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