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New wine bar : Lapin

Updated: Jun 25

Note that Lapin closed down in 2023!

There is a new wine bar in town! Lapin opened this week and it is the crew from Restaurant SÖL that is behind it. If you remember my reviews from Restaurant SÖL (see this review), you will know that they have focus on nature wines and that seems to also be the concept at the Lapin wine bar. We went there on a Friday evening and it is so new that there is not even a sign outsider the bar yet. It is located in Pedersgata not far from other brilliant places like Casa Gio, Panzanella pizza, Siddis Gelateria, Hekkan Burger – there is a lot to choose from in Pedersgata these days.

The wine bar has 20-30 seats and has an extensive wine menu with Pét-Nat (pétillant naturel), white wine, red wine, and orange wines. The most extensive selection is of course by the bottle but there was also a good selection of wine by the glass. At the moment they also have a bit of snack that you can order – e.g. platter of cheese, platter of cold cuts, sourdough bread etc. We had some of the excellent sourdough bread (that you also get a Restaurant SÖL and a platter of cold cuts. The cold cuts were of good quality as it is supplied by local butcher Idsøe. We got parma ham, mortadella, salumi and it was lovely with bread and butter.

Congratulations on opening of the wine bar! I hope that the people of Stavanger will use the opportunity to broaden their wine horizon!

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