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No surprises at Fish & Cow

Fish & Cow is located right on the city square of Stavanger (torget) and on the day that I went there, it was a lovely sunny afternoon/evening and we got a table by the window. Fish & Cow shares the space and kitchen with Tango . Fish & Cow is a more informal place (compared to Tango) and has seating both inside and outside (when weather permits). My initial thought when I sat down was that the chairs did not work for me – I could not find a comfortable position at all but maybe that is just my body.

The menu was limited as we are still in an opening phase after the corona outbreak lock down. Fish & Cow’s offerings included a three-course meal, or you could choose from the starters and mains. I asked if it was possible to get the starter from the three-course meal but have a different main dish but this was not possible. I ordered the fish soup to start with and salmon as a main dish.

Just as we got the bread and butter (which were very good, by the way), the starters also arrived. The fish soup was quite good but I would have enjoyed it if it was even creamier and richer. There were good chunks of salmon, possibly cod and another white fish in there along with some shrimp.

The main dish did not take long to be served either – salmon served on top of a bell pepper mayonnaise and served with a grilled gem lettuce. It was also topped with salmon roe that was not specified on the menu but was an appreciated additional bonus. I have salmon quite a lot at home so ordering this was maybe not my most daring choice. I wasn’t disappointed though, the salmon was very tasty and I really enjoyed the bell pepper mayonnaise that it was served on top of. My friend had the sirloin of veal and he enjoyed this - even with it’s more rustic presentation.

To round it off, we had some dessert as well - seem appropriate when celebrating a friend’s birthday. My friend had a chocolate fondant (which they seemed to nail) served with strawberries. I had the cheesecake ice cream served with a rhubarb compote, crumble, and a small cookie to add some crunch. Sounded like a great idea but I was not too keen on the chewy consistency of the cheesecake ice cream.

All in all, it was a healthy meal for me I guess with fish soup and fish. It would have been good to have a more extensive menu but I understand that this is due to the aftermath of the corona crisis. Having said that, today’s menu at Fish & Cow seemed like a very “safe bet” that didn’t have many surprises for me. I hope that they will be back to a more exciting menu soon so that I can schedule a visit again.


Location: Torgterassen, Skagen 3 - see this Google map

Price: 625 kr for three course. My menu was about 580 kr (60 USD)

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