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Restaurant SÖL still rocks!

We visited Restaurant SÖL on a Friday night and the table was ready when we got there a few minutes before our booking. We have been there before (see this review) and as you can see from my guides on Instagram , I think Restaurant SÖL is one of the best restaurants in Stavanger. Due to this we were excited to see if this was still true! The concept is still the same: a set menu and you can choose wine pairing or have wine from an extensive wine list. We decided to go for the wine pairing and soon we had a Sylvaner wine from Stefan Vetter in the glass and fresh, warm sourdough bread in front of us! The wine was unfiltered and reminded us a bit about a cider and had a funky natural wine notes on the nose. The restaurant focus mainly on natural wines. It is always lovely with fresh bread and butter (yes, still a bread lover) and especially when you get the impression that the bread comes straight from the oven.

The first warm(er) dish was spinach in a cheese sauce made from pecorino and parmesan. It was topped but crisps (or potato chips depending on where you are from) so we had to dig in to get a bit on the cheese sauce and the lovely spinach. We moved on and got a glass of Calcarius Ca 40.08 Hellen Bianco. This Italian white is made by Valentina Passalacqua and we have tried some of her orange wine and sparkling wine and they are always fun to try. This wine was served together with skrei (the north Atlantic cod that is in season) and it was topped with thin slices of mushroom. The fish had a great grill taste to it and underneath there was a mushroom sauce bursting with umami and fermented Brussel sprouts. An incredibly tasty dish and luckily we had some bread left to make sure to get all that delicious mushroom sauce. The main dish this evening was a slice of duck breast served celeriac puree and pieces , onion and an amazing chicken stock sauce. The puree was soft as silk and with a great taste of the celeriac and the sauce was just incredible. This was served with a Spätburgunder (the German was of Pinot Noir) from Michael Fiebrich that worked well with the duck.

It was time for dessert, and we got some mead to drink – the Underfundig Mjød was sweet but maybe not as sweet as I thought it would be. But there was a strange mix of honey and hops and it was a bit like drinking a sweet, rich beer. It worked very well with the toasted bread ice cream for dessert. The ice cream itself was rich and creamy and topped with a jam made from quince (kvede) and topped with Jerusalem artichokes (jordskokk). Sounds like a strange mix but this was a delicious dessert. To round it off – a potato donut to be dipped in yogurt and sea buckthorn (tindved).

There is no need to elaborate a lot on a summary. Well played Restaurant SÖL! Great dishes with well defined and rich flavors. This was served with good wines – and with good service. Restaurant SÖL is still one of the best restaurants in Stavanger if you ask me.

Facts: Homepage: Location: Hetlandsgata 6 - see this Google map

Price: 585 kr (68 USD) per person for the food

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