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Secret menu at Hemmeleg Restaurant

We went to Hemmeleg restaurant on a Saturday night and luckily, we had a booking as it seemed completely full. The place looks like a funky coffee shop as you enter but then you go through a secret door and you find a cozy and more traditional restaurant. We had booked the secret 3 course meal and it did not seem like it was a problem when we mentioned that one of the participants are lactose intolerant. It was a bit confusing that we were asked to order some drinks from an app while I asked to get wine from the waiter.

But it did not take long before we got the starter – a sort of terrine of pork topped with a carrot mash and served with vegetables and a crunchy bread. The pork was a good, but it was the carrot blend that stole the show in my opinion. The main dish turned out to be skrei (the north Atlantic cod that is in season now) and even if it was a bit on the dry side, it was still a delicious meal. The fish was topped with a potato and celeriac creamy mash and it came with a rich red wine sauce with some pieces of sausage in the sauce. Combined with a German red wine (a Spätburgunder or Pinot Noir) this was a tasty meal. As you can see from the photos, the portion was hearty, and it was rustic. But that fits the profile of the restaurant “honest and real food made from good ingredients from proud suppliers”.

The meal ended with a chocolate dessert that came with a tindved (or sea buckthorn) ice cream. The chocolate was creamy and intense but to start with, I was a bit disappointed by the ice cream. I’m more used to the sorbet from Siddis and Renaa GoIs that has more of a sour sting. But the ice cream at Hemmeleg did taste great together with the chocolate and the Kinn Vintervarmar - a Barley wine that was served with the dessert. We enjoyed the food at Hemmeleg and we would have loved one more dish as the meal ended too soon. Thanks for the 3-course secret dinner Hemmeleg restaurant. It is great to see that there are alternatives to restaurants in Sandnes and Stavanger.


Homepage: Location: Storgata 12 at Bryne – see this Google map Price: 650 kroner (77 USD) per person for the three course meal

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