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Sirkus Renaa - it is easy to find something you like

If we're just want to have a light meal, something sweet or just coffee, it's easy to end up at Sirkus Renaa. The place is quite big and yet cozy and there are tables that will suit various group sizes. The place is a café in the morning and afternoon and in the evening, there is a more extensive menu and you can also get wine/beer. During the day you get good sandwiches, soup, pizza and many delicious things from the bakery and patisserie (the city's best croissant in my opinion). When we stopped by for lunch recently, Nikki ended up taking the soup of the day which was pumpkin soup – this was served fresh with some bread on the side. The soup was deliciously rich but maybe a little salty. I took a grilled sandwich with three cheeses and quince compote. It had a lovely taste of the cheeses and a nice contrast to the sweet quince compote. There are a lot of goodies to choose from when it comes to sweets - I tasted a small sea buckthorn cheesecake and it is awesome. It is a defined taste of the sour sea buckthorn that goes well with the sweeter cheesecake. Unfortunately, there was no time for gelato this time but it was tempting because they have many good flavors.

So in short: Sirkus Renaa covers many needs and it is easy to find something you like. I love that they have great bakery products (one of the favorites is still the morning bun) and it's fun to see that they are innovative and playful e.g. with the introduction of HHOSPV (it is a Stavanger thing). If you can’t make it to Sirkus Renaa, you can also stop by Renaa Xpress, which has a lot of the same on the menu.

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