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Sunny afternoon at Matmagasinet

We visited Matmagasinet on a beautiful day in May. As I’ve mentioned before, this place is perfect for al fresco dining with its outdoor patio offering a view of the green park of Ledaal. Arriving a bit early, I relished the chance to enjoy a cold beer in the sunshine. Beer is not really the focus of this place, but they do have a few options.

The food menu features an array of small starters, light salads, and pasta dishes, as well as meat and pizza options. We began with a crab salad artfully concealed beneath cucumbers and herbs, and a steak tartare spiced with Korean chili. Both dishes were visually stunning and delicious.

For the main course, I indulged in the linguine with crab, while Nikki savored the fried duck breast with yellow beets. The dishes were vibrant and bursting with flavor, perfectly complemented by the expertly selected wines, thanks to Matmagasinet’s skilled sommeliers.

If you’re looking to treat yourself on a sunny afternoon, book a table at Matmagasinet for a delightful meal with a view. While Matmagasinet may not be a hidden gem, as it’s already well-known, it remains a true treasure. Thanks for the wonderful meal and excellent wine!


- lovely small dishes and great “summer food”

- Good wine selection and knowledge

- lovely patio for al fresco dining


- Quality costs. Food and 4 glasses of wine was 2000 kr

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