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Embark on a Culinary Journey: Experience dinner at Phileas Fogg

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

It has been years since we’ve been to the restaurant Phileas Fogg in downtown Stavanger but it was good to see that not much has changed. Well, one thing has changed as they have gotten a large pizza oven to make proper Italian pizza. The interior is still inspired by Jules Verne’s novel “Around the world in Eighty days” and this means that the menu can cover a lot of cuisines. So here you can find Norwegian food (I’m not quite sure I would call

Moules Frites Norwegian though), American food, Mexican and Italian (read pizza). We went there on a weekday at about 6 PM were greeted in a friendly way and taken to our table. Our glasses of white wine were a bit colder than I would have liked but the food was served quite fast. My Moules frites were served in a practical pot and I enjoyed the mussels and the creamy sauce. The fries were not bad but could have been a bit crisper. Nikki had “French Quarters” – chicken served with chanterelle sauce, vegetables, and potatoes. This was good but appeared to be a bit bland.

All in all we had a good meal in a fun “theme restaurant”. I think the place works better for larger groups just wanting to enjoy some comfort food together, but I would not mind visiting again to try out other items on the menu. Thanks for having us Phileas Fogg!

Pros Menu that covers various cuisines Seems to be good for larger groups Characteristic interior

Cons Maybe better for groups Wine list is limited

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