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A beautiful experience Under the sea

Under is located about 2 ½ hours from Stavanger so it is not really a part of the Stavanger restaurant scene. But having said that, it is so amazing that I think it is worth a posting here on the blog. When we checked into the hotel next door, we got a view to the ocean and a view to the restaurant. It sticks out like an alien spaceship that has landed in a bay in a small village in the south of Norway. Designed by Norwegian architects Snøhetta (they also made Oslo Opera, library of Alexandria etc) it is truly beautiful outside and inside.

The restaurant is only a 5 minute walk from the hotel and when you get there, you walk into the “vessel” and are greeted by staff from the restaurant. After we got rid of the jackets, we were led down the staircase – first of the mezzanine level that contains a bar and a window and then further down to the restaurant. As you have probably seen from lots of photos, the restaurant is dominated by a HUGE window facing the ocean. This window lights up the restaurant with a beautiful light and it also creates a relaxed atmosphere in the room. You can see the movement of the ocean, jelly fish that are moving in the current, fish swim by and star fish that are hanging on the window.

The restaurant operates with a set menu and you can also get wine pairing with the food. As the menu changes according to season and what products that are available, I will not go into much detail, but I think the photos can give you an indication of what to expect. As this place is on the coast, there is of course focus on seafood and we had squat lobster, crab cake, carpet clam, mahogany clam, scallop, eel, fish pudding, langoustine, lamb and so on. My favorites were the eel, the fish pudding and the langoustine. Can you spot the ants in one of the desserts? You can see descriptions of the food by moving the cursor on top of the photos.

All in all, an experience that I will remember for a long time. The combination of the spectacular setting, the beautiful interior, the light from the ocean and marine life and the food and wine, makes this a place that should be on your bucket list if you enjoy fine dining. Under was rewarded with one star in the Michelin guide this year – and they have only been open since 2019! Make sure to plan your visit and book a table in advance – or get in touch with the restaurant to see if there is any last-minute cancellations.


Location: Bålyveien 48 – see this Google map

Price: Immersion menu is 2250 Kroner per person – 245 USD

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