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ANGR - Natural food & Natural wine

Updated: Feb 20

Note that ANGR closed down in December 2022!

Tako by Fortou disappeared last year and now ANGR Bar & Kitchen has opened in the same place and it is still Arnt and Elin Skjerve who are running it. We were so lucky to get a table on the opening day May 6th! The slogan for the place is "Natural food - natural wine" and unfortunately, we were not allowed to enjoy wine this day due to covid-19 restrictions. We went for a tasting menu to taste a bit of everything and soon we got a lovely oxtail terrine bite which was delicious!

The next dish was variety of Jerusalem artichoke with a delicious tender squid and then we had asparagus with hollandaise - a lot seemed to have stopped by the grill for a few seconds so there was a wonderful barbecue taste to the food. We then got skate wings flaking in a creamy sauce with celery and barley!

There was a little weird cucumber granite before we got grilled lamb shank and rounded off with yogurt with granola and rhubarb. I thought this was very, very good and we will definitely go back to experience the food along with natural wine. I want to compare ANGR with Restaurant SØL and as you may have read, we have had some fantastic experiences there. Good job ANGR! We look forward to the next visit.


Location: Ryfylkegata 22 - see this Google map

Price: see menu on homepage. A tasting menu is 675 Kroner

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