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Al fresco dinner at Gastropub På Kornet

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

I think that most people walk past På Kornet without really noticing it. Apart from being a pub with an extensive beer selection, it is also a gastropub with very good food! The basement might not be all that cozy but when the weather cooperates, this is a perfect place for an afternoon al fresco dining. We were there on a weekday and sat in the sun in Øvre Holmegata (leading up to Fargegata). You can choose a tasting menu, but we decided to go a la carte and started with ceviche and tomato salad. The halibut ceviche was very good and had some avocado cream and some corn crunch.

The tomatoes in the salad came from Hanasand gard and the blend with a mozzarella/stracciatella, pine nuts and basil made it a dish that captured the essence of summer. We moved on to warm food and got some gloves that turned out to be useful! We had to use out hands to enjoy the soft-shell crabs that came topped with a delicious lime chili sauce and it was just an awesome taste explosion.

The Korean chicken wings looked spectacular with a thick glace and colorful sesame seeds! It also tasted damn good, and the chicken was juicy! Finally – a Katsu Sando sandwich. This is a delectable sandwich with crispy and juicy chicken flavored by tonkatsu sauce. The combination of great food and great weather made this meal heavenly – it brought back memories of flavors that you find at hawker centers in Singapore and Malaysia. When you walk past På Kornet next time, remember that this place can also serve mouthwatering food in addition to an ice-cold beer!

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