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Street food from Fortou

We do not buy that much takeaway food as we enjoy eating the food as soon as it is served while it is still fresh and hot. Luckily there are some places that have a solution to this challenge – like the small street food place Fortou that focuses on takeaway food. It is a tiny place with a menu that varies according to season, but the main concept is food with flavor from around the world. You can order online and when you pick it up, you can of course choose to bring it back home. But you can also just cross the street and enjoy it in the beer bar ØST or the wine bar T-time vinbar. If you go there in summer (and the weather cooperates) you can just enjoy it outside in the park. We went there recently and at the moment there is a focus on skrei (the arctic cod) as that is in season in February. On the menu you will e.g. find fish & chips, green curry with cod and shrimp, cod taco and cod wonton. It is quite popular so the best advice I can give is to book in advance! 😉

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