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Christmas inspired food at Matkontoret

Updated: Feb 20

Note that Matkontoret closed down in 2023 and it has been replaced by another concept!

I was at Matkontoret the other day and they have two menus at the moment: lutefisk menu or 5 course Christmas menu. I've been to Matkontoret a few times before and I like the concept – and obviously others like it too as it was packed this Thursday night. We chose the 5 course Christmas menu and started by getting a small piece of fresh sourdough bread with delicious caramelized butter. The first dish was served soon after and we got cured deer with truffle pecorino, a few pieces of pumpkin and some homemade flatbread. A colorful and delicious little snack to begin with and if you choose wine pairing you will get some champagne along with this dish. The next dish was a soup on Jerusalem artichokes from Brimse served with scallops and savoy cabbage. Another tasty dish based on local ingredients, but it was not that easy to cut the cabbage into smaller pieces in the soup. We got some German Riesling wine along with the soup.

Next right didn't look that well-presented! Here was blackened cod with a fish cake, cream of peas, beetroot sauce and more! So the dish appeared messy but was still incredibly good! The cod divided nicely into layers and the fish cake was of homemade variety with a nice consistency and rich in taste. Usually, you would see a white wine with a fish dish, but we got an American Pinot Noir and it worked well. The main course of the evening was confit pork belly with a some cabbage, crispy skin, meat balls and apple sauce. It was getting quite busy at Matkontoret at this time and our waiter barely had enough time to present the dish before he had to run. But the confit pork belly was delicious and it was fun to get a twist on the traditional Norwegian pork belly meal. The pork was served with an Italian Ripasso by the way. The dessert was an intense chocolate cake made on Valrhona chocolate topped with a little sea buckthorn cream, cloudberry sorbet and a little "flan". All in all, a great meal at Matkontoret. The food was served at a good pace, the service was good even if they were busy and it is great that they have decided to have a Christmas menu inspired by Norwegian Christmas food instead of serving it traditional style. Well played Matkontoret!

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