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Citra - new pizza place in Fargegata

Updated: Jun 26

Fargegata is the laidback bar street in Stavanger, and it is especially great there on a warm summer day. So far there has been a lot of focus on beer and cocktails, but just a few days ago Citra opened in the middle of Fargegata. They're also going to have beer (and actually brew their own beer) but they have installed a pizza oven and hence they have proper pizza on the menu. In addition, they have some wine on the menu (a lot of Italian) and a pretty fun wine cellar! A door on the floor can be opened and leads down to the basement and one can look down through a glass floor. I stopped by on the opening day and it looked like the staff were in control. They have tables both upstairs, on the ground floor and outside so there is room for quite a few people in the restaurant.

My Quattro Formaggi was of decent size to my liking, and it came with a well-defined crust that was delicious. They used mozzarella, Fønix blue cheese, Gruyere and Parmesan so there was nothing to complain about regarding the cheese selection. All in all, this was very good! Congratulations on opening a new restaurant in Fargegata Citra and thank you for the pizza!

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