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Panzanella Pizzeria - great pizzas with quality toppings

A couple of years back there was a burger trend in Stavanger (and Norway) and good burger places opened across town. Now it seems like the trend is pizza (think Mano, Renaa Xpress etc) and the latest addition is Panzanella. Again it is happening in the food street Pedersgata in Stavanger and Panzanella is located across the street from one of my favorite restaurants Casa Gio.

I went there on a Tuesday night and the place was pretty quiet. The main reason for this is a place that is mainly setup as a pizza takeaway place but they do have two tiny tables with a couple of stools to sit on. The focus at this place is just pizza and it is fun to see that they have been a bit adventurous with the combinations and it is great to see that they use quality products (they e.g. use a lot of stuff from butcher Idsøe and Meruzzi. Talking about combination: how about a carbonara pizza? Or a cinque formaggi? Or Pumpkin with pumpkin cream, pancetta and gorgonzola? I must admit that I was not in the adventurous mood this evening and I had the more traditional San Daniele pizza with prosciutto San Daniele with buffalo mozzarella, Parmesan cheese and rocket. The pizza was lovely with a great base, good topping and warm straight out of the pizza oven.

Conclusion: will I return to Panzanella? Yes. I love bread and pizza and this is a great addition to the pizza scene in Stavanger! I would love to try out the other pizzas that they can offer as they have some great combinations of the menu. But for me, it would have been even better if they had a bit more space to sit and enjoy the pizza straight out of the oven and not only aim to be a pizza takeaway place.


Homepage: see

Location: Pedersgata 55 - see this Google map

Price: about 160 kroner (18 USD) for 30 cm pizza / about 260 kroner (28 USD) for 40 cm pizza.

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